Alternate Realities and Revolutionary Conservatism

Time and again, conservative politicos attempt to refute the basic assumptions that undergird our expansive and often complicated governing system while radically undermining the established statutory and constitutional bulwarks which have been built up over a century and a half of sustained political struggle to build this system.  Repeating ad nauseam their reverence for “conservative principles,” they proclaim their … More Alternate Realities and Revolutionary Conservatism

Is the Two-State Solution Dead? Was it Ever Alive?

The sheer barbarity of Israel’s assault on Gaza, provoked by the fury of Israelis threatened by massive rocket launches from Gaza and a vast tunnel complex designed to slip gangs of murderers into Israeli civilian communities, has now reaped its final consequence: the end of the Oslo process, with its premise that two nations can separately but peacefully inhabit the old and storied … More Is the Two-State Solution Dead? Was it Ever Alive?

The Trouble With Nationalism

    For some reason, national identity is still thought to be the primary basis of political loyalty throughout the world.  One sometimes wonders why.  Globalization has greatly complicated the idea that each nation is somehow separate from other nations, or the notion that states have unchallenged “sovereign” control over the economic and cultural destinies of the specific “peoples” they purport to … More The Trouble With Nationalism

The Libertarian Absurdity

How did we ever come to the conclusion that less government means more  freedom?  There has certainly been occasion for too much government -e.g., promotion of officially approved religion, regulations to insure large profits for pharmaceuticals.  But the absurd idea that government itself is an enemy of freedom violates the very charters which define our political life–the Declaration of … More The Libertarian Absurdity